Did Maine Mendoza called Alden Richards "Honey"?

A video clip on their Enchanted Kingdom date last December 5, 2015, Yaya DUB or Maine Mendoza was allegedly heard by the fans calling Alden Richards as "Honey".

After playing and riding the amusement park's Bump Cars, Alden asked Yaya DUB to transfer to the next ride.

Alden Richards and Maine 'Yaya DUB' Mendoza at Enchanted Kingdom.
Alden Richards and Maine 'Yaya DUB' Mendoza at Enchanted Kingdom.

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Upon stepping out of the car, Alden held Yaya DUB's hand but something went wrong on Yaya's shoes so she stopped and said something.
Wait, Honey!!!

Is it really "Wait, Honey!"?

The snippet went viral on social media websites and the fans are getting crazy of what's the real score between the ALDUB love team on real life.

Some are saying that Alden and Maine are already in a relationship and others say that it's only a part of their acting inside the Kalyeserye story.

Some fans commented:
Huli kayo Haha My Soco Ang aldub nation haha..
doon sa 18th weeksary Meron akong narinig na sinabi ni Alden BABE
ngayon si Maine naman HONEY naku M.U/BF/GF name to dre sang lakas ng puwersa ng aldub nation
due to background noise it sounds "wait honey" but when i slow moo it sounds like "wait Alden"... but we need to remove the background noise... pero mas maganda kung " wait honey" ang sinabi
Whatever the real status of the two person, it doesn't matter as long as they can make everyone happy. What are your thoughts on this video, please leave your comments and reaction below. Thank you.

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