Allan K., Aling Maliit and Jimmy Santos talks about "Nose"

On the "Ang Joke Mo" segment of Eat Bulaga, Aling Maliit or Ryzza Mae, Allan K. and Jimmy Santos were having conversation about their grandfather's nose.

Allan asked Ryzza Mae if she thinks that he had the biggest nose? Ryzza told him that he really had. Then, Allan K says that his grandfather has the biggest nose, because two apples can occupy it.

Allan K., Ryzza Mae Dizon and Jimmy Santos on Eat Bulaga's Ang Joke Ko.
Allan K., Ryzza Mae Dizon and Jimmy Santos on Eat Bulaga's Ang Joke Ko.

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Jimmy disagreed and says that his grandfather's nose is bigger than his grandfather, because two watermelons can occupy it. But, our Aling Maliit disagreed also she told them that her grandfather has the biggest nose among them all, the the lights were turned off. Jimmy and Allan K teased Ryzza that maybe she did'nt pay her electric bill, she said that she already paid it and asked Jimmy and Allan K to keep quiet because they were already occupying the nose of her grandfather.

Ryzza Mae Dizon also known as Aling Maliit is a child Filipina actress, comedian and TV personality. Year 2012, she is introduced in showbiz when she was reigned as Little Miss Philippines; a segment on the noon time show Eat Bulaga. Allan Quintalang also known as Allan K is a Filipino singer, actor, comedian and TV host. He is one of the co-hosts of the noon time show Eat Bulaga.

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