Video evidence released by the alleged victim of Laglag Bala in NAIA

The alleged victim of the Laglag Bala or Bullet Scam at the Ninoy Aquino Internation Airport (NAIA) released a video evidence.

According to the news report of News TV Live (NTVL), the stepmother of the alleged victim released a video of the actual footage on the day the bullet was found on her stepson's luggage.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

On the video: After passing on the x-ray scanning machine, the Screening Personnel transferred the luggage of the alleged victim and opened it to search for an item.

After removing some of the contents of the bag, they scanned again the luggage and called on the attention of Ms. Zoleta. The Airport Security showed his hands with the alleged bullet from the luggage.

After the incident, the family was transferred to the Aviation Security Group where Mr. White was asked to tell the truth. The man denied that he owns the bullet and he was allegedly asked to give Php30,000.00.

The family will use the video as evidence to for their motion to dismiss the Illegal Possession of Ammunition that was charged to Mr. White. Watch the news clip from GMA News TV Live.

Video by GMA News and Public Affairs
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