Meet Alden's Rich and Fabulous Auntie, Donya Celia

Because of his true love for Yaya DUB, Alden can't help himself but to disregard Lola Nidora's warnings or "babala" to him.

When the very angry Donya Nidora confronted him, he ran and asked some help from his rich and fabulous auntie, Donya Celia Rodriguez viuda de Ungasis.

Donya Celia confronts Donya Nidora.
Donya Celia confronts Donya Nidora.

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Upon seeing Ms. Celia on the split screen, Lola Nidora was shocked and started to panic. The started to exchange harsh words but Lola Nidora can't keep up with Auntie Celia.

Instead of throwing back epic words to Ms. Celia, Lola Nidora just agreed to everything Alden's auntie was saying.

The two sidekicks, Jose and Paolo keeps on teasing Lola Nidora because she's losing the word game with Celia.

On the later part of the video, Donya Nidora decided to turn the tirades against her into witty jokes and makes the crowd laugh.

What can you say about this epic word war between the two rich super women?

Video by Maiden Heaven
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