Funny Dinosaur Prank

Best pranks were merely come from Japan. This Dinosaur prank is one of the best pranks they've made.

The first scene was a man holding a cup of coffee together with his shoulder bag and paper bag. Then the people or we can call "sidekicks" of that crazy prank acts like they were on panic mode, the man has no idea of what was happening and suddenly a dinosaur mascot came he even fell on the floor because of his intimidation. His face is definitely indescribable.

A man running away from the Dinosaur.
A man running away from the Dinosaur.

Crazy Japanese Dinosaur Prank That'll Make You Laugh So Hard You'll Cry

The second scene was a girl who feels that she is walking on a fashion ramp and she was fixing her blonde hair. Then the prank goes on, panicking people runs out and a big dinosaur mascot came she was in a hurry finding where she can hide but suddenly the dinosaur catches his hair, he was dropped on the floor and the audiences saw his underwear then they realized that he was a gay, he ran and ran wearing his high heeled shoes until he reaches the comfort room he even tries to get his wig off out of the dinosaur mascot's mouth and closed the door.

The third scene was a young lady wearing blue dress is walking peacefully on the aisle. Then the sidekicks start the first part of their crazy prank, then acts that someone is running after them the young lady starts being intimidated with the situation she ran until she just lie down on the floor because she was so nervous and don’t even know what to do and where to go. She just laughed of what she has done.

Video by ramenturtle on YouTube
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