Maine Mendoza surprised Alden Richards on Sunday PinaSaya as the Mystery Caller

October 25, 2015, a mysterious girl from Bulacan called the love hotline of "On Air, DJ Bae", a segment of Sunday PinaSaya starring Alden Richards as DJ Bae and Jerald Napoles as Papa Peter.

The first caller, Honey from Quezon City accidentally lost her connection on the hotline so the hosts waited for a new call.

Maine Mendoza called the hotline of DJ Bae.
Maine Mendoza called the hotline of DJ Bae.

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When the second caller started talking, the crowd went wild and then Papa Peter asked if the girl was on the "Tamang Panhon" event on the Philippine Arena.

The girls said yes and she confirmed that Alden hugged her. After a few moments, Alden got curious and asked if the caller was Waine.

Then Papa Peter asked the name of the caller, and she answered Maine Mendoza. Then her picture was displayed on the screen and the crowd went wild again.

A message to Alden Richards

Maine called the love hotline because she wanted to deliver a special message to Alden Richards. She wants to thank Alden for the shoes the she received.

Then Papa Peter asked the caller for her favorite color. And then DJ Bae gave Alden's favorite color which is both Yellow.

Papa Peter asked Maine if she was able to sleep well the night after the big event, and caller answered "No".

And then the crowd went wild again and DJ Bae can't help himself but to hide his true reactions and decided to bow down in front of the camera. Watch the Kilig pa more segment below.

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