Student sleeping in Class pranked by Classmates

Life in school is one of the best experience of childhood, there are friends, heartthrobs, loners and of course, the bullies.

A video from YouTube shows a student sleeping inside a classroom. They teacher may not be around so he decided to take a nap.

A student trying to do a prank to his classmate.
A student trying to do a prank to his classmate.

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While he's enjoying his siesta time, his classmate beside him started to prank him by slapping his back and pretended to be sleeping. So the victim looked around but he doesn't have any idea who did it. So he decided to go back to sleep.

After a few moments, the guy beside him did another hit on his back but he failed to notice who did it.

On the third attempt, the guy beside him used a book and slammed it on his back. And quickly went back to sleep to pretend that he's innocent. The victim woke up and instantly kicked the big guy on his back.

Everyone laughed because the victim targeted the wrong guy. The students seems happy and they all enjoyed a good classic way of doing a prank to a classmate. Watch the funny video.

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