First time kinilig si Yaya DUB kay Alden

July 16, 2015 when the Juan for All, All for Juan team visited Barangay New Kababae, Olongapo City. Donya Nidora and Yaya DUB's entered the Problem Solving segment using a small boat or bangka.

Paolo Ballesteros read the list of Tweets from the viewers on how to solve a problem on a mannerism, "How to avoid to touch the nose when talking?"

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

Yaya DUB got conscious for the first time because of Alden

After reading the Tweets, Wally Bayola also known as Donya Nidora asked the newest member of the team, Yaya DUB on her thoughts about the solutions.

Yaya DUB replied by using a Dubsmash sound, while doing her act, Alden Richards was seen watching in front of the stage and smiled on the camera.

After her act, Yaya DUB saw Alden on the split screen and started to get conscious. Then Allan K. started teasing her that Alden is watching her.

The first time that the Pabebe Wave was introduced to the Dabarkads. Divina Ursula tried to hide her feelings but she can't and always smiled when Alden was on the screen.

Watch the video where the phenomenal love team #AlDUB was introduced to the viewers.

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