Mahal, humingi ng payo kay Tata Lino (Bubble Gang)

On an episode of Bubble Gang last September 4, 2015, Tata Lino (Michael V.), the intelligent hermit living in a forest, has a very special guest.

The little girl, Mahal visited Tata Lino to consult her personal problem about herself.

Tata Lino addressing the questions of Mahal.
Tata Lino addressing the questions of Mahal.

Tata Lino's Free Consultation

Every week, there are people with personal problems visit Tata Lino. Tata Lino on the other hand gives them free consultations and answers to their problems.

On this episode, the first person to approach the old hermit is a woman who got conscious because of her chest, she said that all of her girl friends are gifted when in comes on their body unlike her.

Then the second person is a man who wants to clarify something. His friends are forcing him to join the group in availing a massage in a spa.

And next is a broken hearted girl. The reason of her heartbreak, her crush now has a girlfriend and she can't believe it because she knows that her crush is not that aggressive.

A question about "friendship and credit" comes next. A guy asked the genius man why some people prefer to end their friendship instead of paying the money that they borrowed to their friends.

Mahal approached Tata Lino for a consultation

And last but not the least, the special guest of the episode, Mahal. She started talking but Tata Lino can't understand some of her words so the hermit asked for a subtitle. Mahal repeated her question and now with a subtitle showing at the lower part of the screen. She wants some clarification about herself because she has a crush then after a day, she have a new crush. What would be Tata Lino's witty answer to Mahal's problems?

Source: GMA Network
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