Funny Prank Compilation

We all know that the best prank ideas are from Japan, name it, they have it! From the elevator prank, sleeping to the air prank, running men prank and many more.

Here's a video compilation of some Japanese Pranks from Japan Story on YouTube.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

The first part is "A request" at the square. The prank focuses on a lady wherein a young girl will approach her to request to hold a stuffed toy. And then after a while, another person will shout that the teddy bear has something inside it. Then the other member of the prank team will cause commotion and started to drop on the floor.

The next is the "Fake Street Prank". This prank involves a fake floor on the street. A woman will stop and drop on her knees and will ask for help from anyone on the vicinity. A gentle man quickly run towards her, but before he reaches the girl. He will be stepping on the fake floor and disappears.

The third one is the "Sticky Street Prank". A portion of the street was covered with a sticky solution. The pedestrians passing the sticky part of the road got stuck at the middle of their walk, causing their shoes and slippers to stick on the floor. Even the cute kids got stuck on the platform.

Fourth on the list is the "The Sumo VS Gamer Prank". A gamer was asked to play a game inside a room. While enjoying the game, a Sumo Wrestler entered by destroying a fake wall. The Gamer was in shock but still managed to continue the game.

The last one is the "The Hundred VS One Prank". A person is walking alone in a street, before she turned right, a group of men suddenly rushed towards her. Because of the panic, she started to run back.

To start laughing, watch the complete video below. Enjoy!

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