Fresh Salmon Cuts Swimming in an Aquarium

A viral video of fresh Salmon cuts swimming in an aquarium has been circulating the social media these past few days.

On the 45-second video clip, the three slices of fresh looking meat of a Salmon are swimming freely just like a living fish.

The swimming Salmon cuts.
The swimming Salmon cuts.

Yes, they're already chopped and just a part of the body of a live Salmon, but can they really swim? The three slices of fresh fish meat are kicking and traveling around the water tank.

Some comments on 9gag noted that those are really fresh and when dropped in a bowl of water with salt, the natural reaction of the fresh meat is to kick and act like swimming.

Another comment from a user named mras says:
Captain here! The pieces of meat is so fresh that they still contain functioning ATP. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the main energy source for the majority of cellular functions including the muscle cells. Any external stimulation, even the slightest, can cause the micro nerves in these pieces of muscle to send signals to the cells to start utilizing the ATP which causes them to start moving. However this will only work until the ATP storage is depleted.

But what's really going on with those slices of fish? Are they real or just a man-made stuff?

Fish Facts

A user named moodapiller posted a reply with a link to a YouTube video.

The video is a commercial about a television show discussing about the different fishes. "Do children today know about fish correctly?"

And then a group of people started dropping the fish meats and it started swimming. The kids around the aquarium are clueless on what kind of fish it is. Some of them are amazed and some are saying that it's strange.

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