Selphie, napagalitan dahil sa spoilers

Donya Yna threw her iPad because of Selphie's movie spoiler

On this episode of Bubble Gang's "Ikaw at ang Ina", Donya Yna approached and confronted her daughter Selphie because of the movie spoiler posted on Facebook.

Yna Moran was planning to watch a movie, unfortunately she saw Selphie's Facebook status about the movie's ending.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

The mother asked her daughter why she posted a movie spoiler without putting a "Spoiler Alert!" on the description. Selphie explained that she enjoyed and loved the movie so she can't help but to tell the details on her Facebook post.

Yna got upset and asked her child if there are some people who's willing to ask her to tell the full story watching the movie. And she noted that the way Selphie narrated the story was not good.

Because of what happened, Donya Yna was so mad and she decided to throw her iPad to show her dismay on Selphie's immature manners.

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