Donya Nidora and Yaya DUB's first appearance on Eat Bulaga

The most popular Grandmother of the Philippines first appeared on Eat Bulaga's Problem Solving segment on July 4, 2015 after the departure of her granddaughter, Doktora De Explorer.

Donya Nidora de Explorer entered the scene with her Yaya Divina Ursula Bokbokova Smash or DUB Smash. They're both snobbish at Jose Manalo but when it comes to Paolo Ballesteros, they're nice.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

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Lola Nidora or Donya Nidora Esperanza Zobeyala Viuda De Explorer is a wealthy and well-off woman, the richest person in the 1900s. She graduated in Ateneo de Municipal in Spain majoring in Philosophy, Language, Culture and History.

She received the Sobra Saliente (Most Outstanding) Award during her studies in Universidad Central de Madrid in 1878.

Her personal nanny is Yaya DUB, took her studies at the Queen Mary University in London. She had her Dubsmash Achievement at the International School of Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations. She's also a Magna Cum Laude in Dubsmashing, Bachelor of Science in Royal Helping and Care-giving.


Also known as #KiligPaMore and #AlDub KalyeSerye, is a 2015 Filipino dramedy series (with elements of parody, romantic comedy and reality television) that is being aired live as part of the Juan for All, All for Juan segment of Eat Bulaga! Source: Wikipedia

Video by GMA Network
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