Amazing Japanese Game: Candy or Not Candy

A game show in Japan challenges their celebrity contestants to guess if an item is a Candy or Not Candy. Depending on their answer, they will bite the object.

The contestant will know if their answer is correct when they take bite the object.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Some of the objects are food arts like molded chocolates, corn syrups, sugars and many more.

The first object that the celebrity must guess if its a candy or not is a plant. Before biting the leaves, the celebrity must guess first if its a candy or not candy.

The second item is a pair of shoes. At first, the celebrity is not comfortable of positioning the shoes on his mouth, but when he took a bite, he was surprised that it's a dark chocolate.

Then the game show explained how the items were created. The shoes was created by using a textured chocolate to mimic the pattern of a real leather shoes.

Other game objects are household items like calendars, door handles, picture frame and a crane.

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