Alden Richards on Tonight with Arnold Clavio

March 13, 2013 when Alden Richards visited the show Tonight with Arnold Clavio on GMA News TV. On this video from GMA News and Public Affairs, Arnold tackled some personal stuff about Alden.

Arnold Clavio started the conversation with the question about the fans of Alden.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

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The next question is about Alden's lovelife. Alden answered that he's focusing on his career and he's still single. He had a girlfriend when he is on High School. He also admitted that he courted the girl and he still believes on the proper way of courting a Filipina.

The next question is about Alden's qualifications for a perfect girlfriend. He answered that he wants an understanding girl who understands the nature of his job, caring and kind.

The next questions is about what makes Alden dislikes a girl. He doesn't like a girl who's choosy, doesn't have a good hygiene and nagger.

Alden says that when he's in love, he give his all out love to the person.

His advice to his fans, they should just make their crush as an inspiration so that they can focus on their studies and impress their crush.

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