Alden Richards lost control of himself over Ryzza Mae's cuteness

Jun 4, 2015 when the Pambansang Bae, Alden Richards guested on The Ryzza Mae Show. Ryzza visited Alden on the gym and asked some questions.

A part of the interview was uploaded by GMA Network wherein Ryzza asked Alden on how often he goes to the gym.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

Alden answered that when he joined Eat Bulaga!, he added working out as his everyday habit before going to the Broadway Centrum, which is the official studio of the show. He woke up at 5 A.M. then arrived the gym by 7 A.M. and then works out for 1 - 2 hours.

And then Aling Maliit asked how many hours did Alden consumed while on the gym, while Alden is answering the question, he's pinching Ryzza Mae's tummy that prompted the child to get concious and asked:
Eh, bakit, ano bang ginagawa nyo sa tiyan ko? Ano to, lobo?
(Eh, why, what are you doing with my tummy? Is this a balloon?)
Because of Ryzza Mae's very cute reaction on what Alden did to her belly, Alden was so overwhelmed and can't help himself but to hug the little girl very thight.

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