Alden and Yaya DUB's first meetup as a love team

September 5, 2015, the most awaited event for all the AlDUB fans has finally happened, the first time Alden and Yaya DUB saw each other in person, not on the usual television screen.

Alden was watching Yaya DUB's whole performance, and then decided to meet her personally.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

When Alden finally saw Yaya DUB, the crowd went wild and the cheering for the name AlDUB echoed on the studio.

But before they approached each other, a huge wall separated them and it was all because of Donya Nidora.

Donya Nidora got disappointed because she was just trying to test the loyalty of the two kids. AlDUB broke their promise not to see each other during the #ALDUBBATTLEForACause event on the Broadway Centrum.

Some tweets stated that Lola Nidora is a KJ or Kill Joy, what can you say about Donya Nidora's reason for putting a wall between the two on-screen lovers?

AlDUB Battle for a Cause

The Dabarkads Pa More contest between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza or Yaya DUB was agreed to benefit a Juan for All, All for Juan Sugod Bahay Winner.

Before Lola Nidora gave permission to Yaya DUB to join the contest, she gave them three conditions. First, Yaya DUB will perform on the Eat Bulaga Studio with the Rogelios.

Number two, Alden and Yaya DUB will not meet each other during the event. And lastly, the cash prize will be given to the selected family by the Sugod Bahay Gang.

Alden and Yaya DUB promised to Lola that they will follow the rules.

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