Narito ang iba't-ibang mga eksena sa MRT / LRT (Bubble Gang)

When riding a public transportation vehicle, we all know that we need to be patient because we can encounter all types of people, from the good one to the worst.

On this comedy sketch by Bubble Gang, the show tackled the different scenarios that every Filipinos experienced in riding the MRT (Metro Rain Transit).

Ellen Adarna and Eri Neeman
Ellen Adarna and Eri Neeman

Different Types of People That You Will Encounter in Riding the Train

Michael V. hosted the segment and he listed down the top scenarios inside the MRT train.

First on the list, the "Feeling close". Because of the massive crowd inside the train, you have no choice but to feel close to the other passenger, up to the point that you to can do a cheek to cheek.

Second, the "Feeling Mabango". Those tall people who doesn't even care how they smell usually victimize those petite person when they lifted their arm and exposed their sweaty armpits.

Third on the list, the "Action Stars". They are the passengers who never touches the hand rails and if the train suddenly stopped or passed a curved trail, they will eventually lose their balance and affect the other passengers.

The reason why they're trying their best to balance their position is because of the 4th kind of people, those people who doesn't want to share the space where everyone can hold the railings.

The fifth spot belongs to the solid BFFs. The best friends forever, they usually occupy the entrance of the train where they can block and annoy the incoming passengers.

For the complete list, watch the hilarious video. Have you encountered one of these MRT Characters? Please share you experience by commenting on the space below.

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