Victim Killed the Robber, Might Face Charges

If the police caught a robbery suspect, charges will be filed against them. But on this video, one of the robbers was killed by the victim, and now the victim might face charges.

According to the video from ABS-CBN News, a riding in tandem was about to rob a girl in a hardware store in Pasay City.

A screenshot from the CCTV video.
A screenshot from the CCTV video.

Scroll down for video.

The girl quickly threw her bag inside the store and luckily survived the attempted shot from the robbers. And then the suspects targeted the girl victim's bag.

A man who was with the girl entered the scene to help, he stabbed and killed one of the suspects. He succeeded in helping the woman but the other suspect escaped.

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The woman received a wound on the head and extreme trauma. While the suspect was still unidentified but according to the police, he is from Paranaque.

And the man who killed the other suspect might face a charge, Homicide.

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