Man cuts out candle flame by throwing Business Cards

This mas has an amazing talent at throwing Business Cards. He's not throwing it like a trash, but with style and precision!

This Master of Business Card Throwing can throw a card inside a closed business establishment by making the card pass through a very slim opening. Yes, he's throwing the card from a distance!

A Card Thrower trying to hit his target.
A Card Thrower trying to hit his target.

This Man can put out a candle flame by throwing a Business Card

With the help of his Samsung Digital Camcorder H205, this guy documents his every attempts in throwing a card. He also set up a multi-camera shot and slow motion for better presentation to his fans and audience.

His most popular act is throwing a card at a balloon and trying to pop it. The balloons are sometimes thrown by another people or floating in the air.

He uses empty Coca-cola cans, pyramid of plastic cups, a Marlboro cigarette stick, a pencil eraser, a plastic cup on the head of his friend, a fresh tomato and a lighted candle which he will put out the flame.

He also thrown a card in a small opening of a window at the 3rd floor of a building, pops a balloon with so many obstacles in front of it, and a balloon at the ceiling of a warehouse.

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