Nabiktima ng sariling chewing gum (Bubble Gang)

While on a class recess, Bureche decided to chew a gum. She showcased her bubble gum blowing talents to Cheche who acts like amused.

Then the teacher came and noticed that there's a sticky stuff on her seat. When she inspected it, she saw a chewing gum and scolded the students because no one wants to reveal who chewed the gum.

Bureche and her chewing gum.
Bureche and her chewing gum.

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Teacher Caught Bureche Chewing A Gum Inside The Class

To avoid their teacher's wrath, Bureche stopped chewing and asked Cheche to take the gum and che it. Because of bullying, Cheche was forced to take the gum but she doesn't want to chew it so Bureche gave him a punch on her stomach.

Because of the pressure, Cheche accidentally spitted out the gum and landed on Bureche's hair.

Bureche tried her best to remove the gum but she was caught by her teacher and requested her to stay after the class.

Lesson: Don't be a bully and respect everyone inside the classroom. :D

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