Sea Snake attacks, Electric Eel fights back

An amateur video from Assorted TV showing an intense fight between the venomous sea snake at the sea bed.

The footage started at the snake biting the tail of the eel. The eel looked so relaxed, but started to fight back by swimming in circles.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

When the eel got its chance to get close to the snakes body, it delivered a strong bite that caused the serpent to loosen up.

Then they bite each other's tails, swimming in circles until the eel reaches the snakes head and gave it a strong bite.

The eel finally managed to escape and hastily swimming away leaving the snake injured.

Coral Snakes

Sea snakes are venomous elapid snakes. They live in marine environments for most or all of their lives. At present, 17 genera are described as sea snakes, with 62 species. Source: Wikipedia

Electrophorus electricus

The electric eel, Electrophorus electricus, is a species of fish. It can weigh up to six pounds. It can give electric shocks of up to six hundred fifty watts of electricity. The animal uses these shocks both for hunting and to defend itself. It lives in the stagnant muddy river bottoms of the Orinoco and the Amazon, and uses low-voltage electric fields to find its prey. Source: Wikipedia

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