Paano kaming mayayaman? (Bubble Gang)

On this comedy skit by Bubble Gang, a group of Rich Kids are having a conversation about different issues on their life.

They started tackling the campaign ads of some politicians, they're asking why most of the campaigns are focusing on poverty.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

Rich Kids Against Poverty

Why is it always for the poor? Why do they need to pretend to be for the poor? Why do they need to tell the people that they came from nothing and became a politician?

They even asked why the politicians are mingling with the poor during campaign season? Carrying the babies, playing with the children, etc.

Why is it always for the poor? What about the rich kids who represents the country? For example, one of the father of the kids are paying a very huge tax, but stille there's no politician who is pro-rich people.

Another rich kid opened up that they have no peace of mind because of the crimes involving them. Some of them are always hiding because of the kidnappers. They also need protection from the evil people.

They're also requesting protection against piracy, the bags, sunglasses, shirts, shoes, etc.

The mass transportation are also not for the rich, the MRT Trains should not be smelly, should be cozy and doesn't have too much people riding.

They even requested a Golden Lane for their cars when traveling in EDSA.

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