Marvel vs. DC: The Battle of Superheroes

Every fans would like to see all of the popular superhero characters in an awesome showdown. We want to compare their powers, abilities, tactics and strengths.

A fan made video was trending lately, its about a showdown of two brands, two big companies having their popular superhero characters fighting with the other brand.

The ultimate showdown of heroes.
The ultimate showdown of heroes.

The story started with Spider-man calling Mr. Fantastic and Mr. Stark, unfortunately he was unable to contact the two. And then Batman arrived and started a small fight scene with Spidey. Then Green Lantern entered the scene and talked to Batman. When Green Lantern was about to approach Spider-man, he was shot by Ironman's Repulsor Beam Blaster.

And then the epic fight scene started between the four heroes in Time Square. The other characters started to appear, from the Incredible Hulk, Aquaman, Cyclops, Captain America, Deadpool.

Wonderwoman running in the scene while Flash was being thrown. There's Wolverine, Joker, Venom and Gambit. The fight was about to end when Superman flew in to rescue his team.

Before the final battle begins, Venom and Spider-man merged and then Thor blinded everyone with his flashy entrance. Watch the full video and enjoy the epic fight scenes.

The Ultimate Crossover Animation Film

Marvel and DC Logos
Marvel and DC Logos
The epic video was created by Saruhan Saral, a Visual Communication and Design student from Istanbul, Turkey.

He is a huge superhero fan and this is a part of his short film project. He started creating the scenes last February 2015 and it took him 3 months to finish the whole story.

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