Buriki Taxi: New Modus Operandi of Criminals

Be alert and attentive when riding a public transportation because there's a new modus operandi called "Buriki Taxi".

According from the report of GMA News and Public Affairs' Unang Balita, the driver and another person hides inside the trunk of the Taxi.

The taxi compartment where the criminal was found hiding.
The taxi compartment where the criminal was found hiding.

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The method of operation: The Taxi Driver will pick up a passenger and then the person inside the compartment will try to steal the important things from the victim's baggage inside the trunk.

If the criminals are unlucky from the contents of the victim's baggage at the compartment, they will conduct a hold up to the passengers riding the Cab.

Buriki Taxi Caught By A Security Guard

A Security Guard was helping a passenger and he got surprised upon opening the trunk of a Taxi, he saw a man hiding inside the compartment. The man said that he and the diver are friends, but the authorities found a knife from the man.

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