Bird attacks Snake to defend its territory

An amateur video showing a blue bird and snake fighting each other. According to the video uploaded by Youtube user Riley Young, the bird started attacking the snake when it's under the tree.

Bird versus Snake fight.
Bird versus Snake fight.

Scroll down for video.

At first, the snake is fighting back everytime the bird gets near. Then the bird started to attack the snake continuously until it starts to exit the scene. Unfortunately the bird is too defensive and continued to hit the snake with its beak even though the reptile is making its way out of the place.

After falling into the pit, the snake escaped the persistent bird but eventually died because of having pecked too many times on the head.
Nature is cruel and teaches us nothing.
Some comments from the video described the bird's aggressiveness, "Daymn.. Bird's reflexes are out of this world. there was literally no attack that Birdie didn't dodged(or parried whatever) ~ Random Good Stuff".

Another one from mark williams said, "Way to go birds they may have been protecting a nest nearby or just plain hungry who knows."

And from Vijay Surendran, "Its not that the birds want to kill the snake for no reason...The bird has her/his nest up there..And this snake guy would sneak in when papa or mumma is not at home to have a feast...So the bird is eliminating the threat..."

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