Heckler Interrupted Obama During Speech, What The President Did Was Amazing

During the 2015 LGBT Pride Month speech by President Barack Obama at the White House, a heckler interrupted him by shouting at him.

The US President tried to stop and asked the person to be quiet but the heckler continued with the pre-planned heckling.

Obama reacted on the heckler's disrespectful attitude.
Obama reacted on the heckler's disrespectful attitude.

The President requested the White House Officials to escort the heckler out of the venue. The crowd started to cheer for Obama and gave the heckler a very loud "Boo".

He just proved that everyone needs to be respected especially the "Commander In Chief".

Here's a part of President Obama's reaction to the heckler:
Hold on a second I... OK, you know what? No no no no no. You're in my house!

You know what? It's not respectful when you get invited to somebody... You're not gonna get a good response from me by interrupting me like this. I'm sorry.

Shame on you! You shouldn't be doing this... Can we escort this person out? Come on, you can either stay and be quiet, or we'll have to take you out.
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