These funny commercials will surely make you cry laughing

Throughout the years, every company uses a commercial to capture their audience. But a good commercial not only captures the attention of the viewers, but also leaves a mark that will make them stand out.

Gaming Coyote, a YouTube user compiled some of the funny video commercials from around the world. From a mean kid to a transforming beautiful girl.

A screenshot form Enklere Liv's commercial.
A screenshot form Enklere Liv's commercial.

Collections of Commercials

The first two scene is about the by CFP-E/SHOTS. Episode 1 is a little girl riding the back seat of the car while her Mom is driving. The Mom was in a hurry unfortunately the cop caught her overspeeding. While the traffic enforcer was talking to the Mom, the little girl has something unexpected to show.

A kid was born to create drama.
A kid was born to create drama.
And then Episode 2, a man was pushing the swing with a little girl riding on it. A call interrupted the happy bonding and the little girl decided to walk into a gathering. A post marriage pictorial was happenning and then the little girl suddenly walked into the scene and hugged the Groom's pants and asked a very unusual question.

The third and fourth scene is a commercial from Volkswagen. A man was driving into a crowded area, and then when he stopped the car, he pushed a small button. The next scene was a shot outside the car where a little explosion was viewed inside the car.

And the other one is a Father and Son was reviewing the details of a for sale car. While inspecting the parts, they didn't know that the old woman who owns the car as so many rough ride experience when using it.

The fifth scene is from Pepsi Max, a guy was accompanying her girlfriend in a shopping. After getting his drink, a minor accident happened and prompting the doctor and janitor to assist him.

The next part is from Heineken, The Top Models Singing On Ice: Men With Talent! The show features men who's talent was about drinking. The other one juggles glasses of beer. Another one can open all the bottle caps while riding a roller skate.

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After that, a scene from Enklere Liv starts. Three guys was in a public bathroom, unfortunately the soap of the guy in the middle slips and he's having a hard time picking it.

And then here's one amazing features from Zippearz. A sporty girl doing a stretching in front of a businessman. When she used the earphones, something happened and the man was so amused of what he saw.

The ninth entry was a vacuum commercial. A family thought that their daughter was possessed, when the priest came he saw the woman stuck on the ceiling and moving back and forth. What he didn't know, it was the effect of the powerful suction of the vacuum from the tenant upstairs.

The 10th video shows a couple dating in a dark place when a huge dog approached them and started barking. The couple was so afraid that the girl started throwing anything at the dog. But the dog won't stop so she decided to do something very funny.

And then a Bipper commercial features a kid, imagining himself riding a high class car and then to a party place where he's dancing with his friends.

The last one is a group of friends, one of them tries to pull the table cloth leaving the bottles on the table. Watch the amazing compilation and laugh hard.

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