Surprise Marriage Proposal and instant Wedding

Everybody wants the best for their marriage proposal and of course, for the wedding. Whether it's simple or expensive, the important is, it's real, from the heart and will last forever.

On this viral video, a guy proposed to her girlfriend in front of hundreds of people and a possible 10 million viewers on television.

The start of the planned surprise for Nikki.
The start of the planned surprise for Nikki.

The Best Marriage Proposal and Wedding

While dating on a restaurant, a girl confronted Justin Davis and splashed a glass of water on the face, while dating with his girlfriend and very soon to be wife, Nikki Marquez.

Nikki was surprised and started crying, and then the crew entered the scene to assist Justin to change his outfit and prepare for the big surprise.

While changing his costume, the crew manager comforts Nikki and then they suddenly started singing and guided her out of the venue.

On the way out, there are so many performers who are part of the "Mobbed" television show. When Nikki reached the fountain, the crowd splits up and on the center, there's her future husband.

Before Justin walked straight to Nikki and asked for her sweet "YES". After putting the engagement ring on her fiance's finger, Justin asked Nikki to get married right away.

After the marriage proposal, Nikki's friends went out of the train and the best men arrived and danced with Justin. Then the crew started putting the gown to Nikki.

On their way to the stage where the wedding will take place, Nikki saw her family. She didn't know that Justin prepared for everything and made sure it will be a very big surprise.

Watch the heart-melting and cheesy video.


An American reality television show based on the use of flash mobs as part of the presentation to surprise the victims. It was a one-time special on Fox. Source: Wikipedia

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