Taxi Gets Hit By A Rushing Nissan Navara

A viral video from a car wash shop has been circulating the social media lately. The video now has 224 Likes, 707 Shares ang 110 Comments on the profile of the original uploader, Roselyn Banez from Quezon City.

Top Gear Philippines reuploaded the same video and spawned 9,020 people Likes, 8,679 Shares, 1,894 Comments, 653,024 Views and counting.

A screenshot from the CCTV.
A screenshot from the CCTV.

Crash and Run

On the video, a taxi is entering a car wash shop slowly when a rushing black car suddenly slammed the right side of the cab.

Because of the powerful impact, the taxi was pushed inside the car wash. The taxi driver was about to step out of the car but the Nissan Navara quickly left the scene.

The car wash staff tried to run after the black car but it's too late. Thank goodness that the taxi driver is safe.

According to Roselyn, the plate number of the Nissan Navara is PYI-802. Watch the shocking video.

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