Long-legged bird attacks a venomous Rattlesnake

We all know that Rattlesnakes are the one who's hunting in the wild, but this time the Roadrunner is on the top of the Food Chain.

On this video from ANIMAL ATTACK, a Rattlesnake encounters a hungry Roadrunner.

Rattlesnake versus Roadrunner
Rattlesnake versus Greater Roadrunner

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Roadrunner Attacks A Rattlesnake

The Rattlesnake poses for an attack but it failed. It tried another one but the Roadrunner is too fast and dodged the second attack.

The bird started his attack, and successfully caught the snake biting it on the upper part of the head. It quickly dragged the reptile on its side and a powerful attack happened.

The long-legged bird started its killer moves, it slams the head of the tail rattler three times, making the reptile unable to fight back.

Greater Roadrunner

A long-legged bird in the cuckoo family from Southwestern United States and Mexico. The roadrunner is also known as the chaparral cock, ground cuckoo, and snake killer. Source: Wikipedia

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