Michael V. impersonates Jimmy Santos (Bubble Gang)

Many Filipinos and Filipinas got the chance to marry other nationalities. The result of their love to each other are babies, which are called "half-filipino and half foreigner".

On a comedy sketch of Bubble Gang, Bitoy mixed the accents of local dialects and a foreign language. The results are amazingly funny and it fits the character and looks of the child. Therefore, a new type of language was created.

Michael V. (left) and Jimmy Santos (right)
Michael V. (left) and Jimmy Santos (right)

One of the characters that Bitoy copied on this segment is Jimmy Santos, the popular host of Eat Bulaga! and a Philippine Basketball Association or PBA Player. He effortlessly recreated the accent and laugh of Jimmy Saints!

Different Nationalities

Different characters of Michael V.
Different characters of Michael V.
Here are some of the results of the wonderful love that conquers the world.
  • Milagros Stolichnaya
    Her Father is from Moscow, Russia and her Mother is from Vigan, Ilocos Sur. Her dialect is Russian - Ilocano.
  • Manolito Uy
    His Dad is from Beijing, China and her Mother is from Nasugbu, Batangas. Her language is Chinese - Batangenyo.
  • Princess Elizabeth Bito-on
    His Papa is from Cebu City and her Mama is from London, England. Her language is British - Cebuano.
  • Gottfried Baddeo
    His Vater is from Berlin, Germany and her Nanay is a Bakla from Malate. Her language is German - Baklesh.
  • Jimmy Santos Bryant
    His Tatay is a Filipino who's very trying hard in talking in English and her Mom is an African American from California. Her language is Black Carabao.
  • Rosaminda Dela Cruz
    His Daddy is a Pilipinong utal and her Mommy is from Spain. Her language is Spanish Utal.
Whatever dialect, it's fine. As long as we love and respect each other.

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