FUNNY! You Can't Win Against Your Loving Father

There are different kinds of Fathers, some are overprotective, some are super strict and some are just right of both worlds.

On this comedy sketch by Bubble Gang, they showcased the different scenarios why you won't stand a chance on winning against your Daddy, in a very funny way.

Dad and Son arguing about the dishes.
Dad and Son arguing about the dishes.

If your Dad warned you of your mistakes, you should try to correct it right away because you don't want to experience the wrath of an angry Dad. An example is, you might get grounded for some days or weeks from hanging out with your friends.

Wash the dishes before it's too late

The son forgot to clean the dishes and his Dad got mad because of it. While nagging, his Dad asked what happened and the dishes are still dirty and the son can't barely speak because of his fault.

Then the father got angrier because his son is not answering all of his queries.

The next day, Dad arrived home and the dishes still needs to be washed. The son tried to explain that his sister was in charge of the cleaning.

But the father got angry and this time it's because he doesn't want his son to explain any details.

Inform your parents about your plans

The son is asking permission from his Dad.
The son is asking permission from his Dad.
The son came home late the other night so the father decided to confront him and give some lecture and words of wisdom. The father said that the son should tell his whereabouts, who's with him, what time he's going home so that they won't worry too much and waiting late at night.

And then the next day, the son humbly asked a permission from his Dad and gave the details where he's planning to go, gave the name of his friends and gave the time he will go home. But his father surprised him with a wonderful answer, "No".

Can you relate to these two scenarios? What is your funniest memory of your Dad? Please do share them with us by making a comment below.

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