Extreme cold causes tap water to form icicles

We all know that Australia is a wonderful place for sunshine and grassy fields. Some postcards are proof of that summer-like beauty of the country.

But a YouTube user uploaded a video showing a faucet with flowing water and forming some icicles on the sink.

A freeze shot from the video.
A freeze shot from the video.

Scroll down for video.

A proof that Australia is freezing cold in this time of the year. According to the video footage posted by Kate Norton-Smith:
This is what happened when we turned on our HOT water tap on a chilly Sunday morning in Albury, NSW!

Surprised YouTube Users

The amazing video spawned different reactions and comments from the Netizens. A user named M Jave commented "I smell something fishy under neath the sink."

"This is one of the coolest videos i have seen recently on YT, i had no idea it could get that cold in Australia", said by Carl.

And a comment that has an explanation from Scott Gordon says: "...if it was so cold the water drops on the stainless sink would also be frozen along with condensation on the faucet head, not to mention the pipes would have burst from freezing as well.

The use of Super Absorbent Polymers explains this best ( the stuff in disposable diapers)"

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