Edited Video of Filipino Diver on SEA Games Goes Viral

A video of the Philippines Diving Team on the Southeast Asian Games went viral. It spawned not only comments, but also spoofs and edited versions of the video.

In a video by VidGeo uploaded on YouTube, the clip from the SEA Games was edited and inserted Randy Orton.

Screenshots from the edited video.
Screenshots from the edited video.

On the video, before John Elmerson Fabriga was about to jump, Randy Orton was beside him. And when Fabriga jumped into the board, Orton followed and catches Fabriga's head before they hit the water.

Another shot of the video was edited and it includes the slow motion. On the last part of the video, after showing the scores, Orton was looking at Fabriga while the boy is wiping his face with a towel.
Randy Orton made an un-announced appearance at the Southeast Asian Games. The recipient of the RKO was a 17-year-old Filipino diver who got a 0.0 on 'the worst dive you will ever see'. The RKO was so severe that his countryman and synchronized diving partner John Elmerson Fabriga also got 0.0 on his dive.

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