Creating the Apatosaurus for the Jurassic World

Legacy Effects uploaded a behind the scene video on how the built the huge Apatosaurus for the new Jurassic World movie.

According to John Rosengrant, the co-owner of Legacy Effects, the idea is to build the head and the neck that will be animatronic that could react with the two actors.

The Legacy Effects Team trying to render a dramatic scene.
The Legacy Effects Team trying to render a dramatic scene.

The team started with a 3D design and then made it into a sculpture. Then they added the skin details, the wrinkles, curves, etc. But Steven Spielberg requested a bigger one so the team needed to scan the first design with a 3D Scanner for faster rescaling.

After that, the next step will be the molding. The team splits up the parts of the head and neck for easier molding. The skin will be made by old fashioned rubber and the dinosaur's face should be super soft. After injecting the gel, they cooked it in a big oven for 12 hours.

The mechanics team created the machine that will be used to make the dinosaur move like a real one. They rendered the eyes perfectly, it's like a real 3-inch diameter eyeball! Even the blinks and eye movements are included on the machine.

And then they painted the rubber with latex paint. They used the rhinoceros and elephant's skin texture and color as a reference.

After preparing all the details, the team needed to practice on how to operate the big dinosaur head for the shooting and interaction with Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard in Kauai, Hawaii.

For Jurassic World's most touching scene, Legacy was asked to bring a gentle giant to life. Go behind the scenes with the Legacy team as they use both new and traditional methods to create an animatronic Dinosaur!

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