A Wife's Strange Request

On this comedy sketch by Bubble Gang, Ogie Alcasid acts as the wasted husband who's very tired because of his work and over time. And then Jackie Rice plays the role of the very beautiful wife who requested something strange to his husband.

Ogie and Jackie as the lovely couples.
Ogie and Jackie as the lovely couples.

The scenario, the wife is waiting for his husband to arrive their house. She's waiting inside their room and preparing something.

Upon arriving, the husband opened the door and wife quickly assists her husband. She helped to remove the blazers, and asked her husband about the very tiring day in the office.

The wife wants something special on that night, but she forgot that his husband sent him an SMS earlier that he will unwind with his friends playing Poker.

But the wife insists, took out some stuff to be used on her plans and asked her husband to do something strange to her.

But we need to stop here before we spoil the details of the next scenes from the funny video.

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