Snake started to act weird, kills itself

A video from TheComputerFreakDK shows a snake crawling out of the grass.

The reptile looks normal and healthy on first glance until stopped, looked confused and then it slowly started to coil.

A shiny black snake spotted
A shiny black snake spotted walking on he street.

It continued to coil just like its trying to hide something. It slowly raised its head but there seems to be a problem because its neck near the head is bent. Then it suddenly starts to slam its head on the floor many times.

The crazy snake started rolling left and right while hitting its head on the soil and finally slowed down leaving its tail whipping from different places.

The creature was unable to move, its head is bent like a broken neck and on an upside down position, and its tail is twitching.

Some comments are suggesting that the snake was poisoned, others said that it has a seizure while a user stated that it was called "Cysticercosis".

A shiny black snake spotted
After a while, it started to act weird.

Snake ate something with a tapeworm, tapeworm larvae burrowed into its brain causing psychosis - which in a simple animal like a snake results in it thrashing about wildly. It did not break its neck, the tape worm matured and ate its brain.

What do you think happened to the poor snake?

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