Wrong Answers to Right Questions

We Filipinos have many unique traits and attitudes, some are good and some are bad. For example, the way we answer every question with indirect or sometimes not so related answer.

If you will observe, some of these answers are not right but we Pinoys can understand each other.

Rufa Mae asking Antonio a question.
Rufa Mae asking Antonio a question.

Right questions with wrong answers! Here are some examples from a segment of Bubble Gang.

When asking someone if a person has eaten.
Boy: "Have you eaten yet?"
Girl: "I'm still stuffed!"

When asking if a person is at home.
Boy: "Is your Mother at home now?"
Girl: "Why?"

When asking someone for a reason.
Boy: "By the way, why are you not here yesterday?"
Girl: "I'm absent."

When complimenting someone for a beautiful dress.
Girl: "Wow, you have a wonderful polo!"
Boy: "Someone gave this to me."

What can you say about these conversations? :D

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