Indonesia stopped Mary Jane Veloso's execution

An firing squad has executed eight drug convicts in Besi Prison on the island of Nusakambangan, Indonesia.

But the Indonesian Government postponed the execution of a Filipina drug mule at the last minute after her alleged recruiter voluntarily surrendered to authorities.

Image source:
Image source:

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A text message from an attorney-general spokesman:
There was a request from the Philippine president regarding the perpetrator who's suspected of committing human trafficking and surrendered in the Philippines,
 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

#MaryJaneLives Top Trending Topic

The hashtag #MaryJaneLives became the top trending topic on the Philippines on the social networking site, Twitter after the news broke.

Netizens also tweeted and shared their thoughts regarding the good news.

Even popular celebrities joined the celebration, Robin Padilla uploaded a part of the news from CNN.

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