This Woman Was Asked To Consider Dropping Her Partner. What Happens Next Will Surprise You.

The popular tandem of Rodfil and Lola Fe invades the Asian franchise of Got Talent. They performed the biggest hit single of the Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler, Total Eclipse of the Heart.

The two received a standing ovation from the crowd and judges of Asia's Got Talent. But after the performance, David Foster asked a very awkward question to Lola Fe.

David Foster, Rodfil and Fe on Asia's Got Talent
David Foster, Rodfil and Fe on Asia's Got Talent

Foster's Awkward Question

After singing, David Foster commented that the duo's performance was very entertaining, Rodfil was very funny and Lola Fe has a very terrific voice.

And the question that stunned everyone...
"Fe, would you consider, if you were to move on to the next round, dropping the funny man?"

Lola Fe answered, "But he's my partner...", and received a cheer from the crowd.

The duo received three YESes from Angun, Mel C. and Vanness Wu. Foster said NO because he wanted Fe to go through the competition alone.

What can you say about this performance?
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