The Miss Tres' Explosive Performance Left The Crowd Amused On Asia's Got Talent

A group of stand up comediennes performed on Asia's Got Talent. Angel, Marico and Mia of The Miss Tress are from the Philippines.

At first, there's nothing special on the trio, but when they started singing, the crowd and the judges were surprised.

The Miss Tres made the crowd laugh.
The Miss Tres made the crowd laugh.

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The Big Surprise

The girls promised to do a sing and dance in a totally different way and they succeeded. They performed Tom Jones' popular hit, Sex Bomb.

When Marico started her part on the song, Vanness Wu, David Foster and the rest of the crowd got amused and laughed because of the trio's surprise.

Mel C., Vanness, Anggun and David
Mel C., Vanness, Anggun and David

After performing, Anggun gave her comment.
"Wow! I did not see that coming. I have to say that with your outfit and the voice. You really got our attention."

And then David Foster asked for the girl's real names. Marico is Joselito, Mama Mia is Romeo and Angel's name is Conrado. They answered in their manly voice and drawed laughter from the crowd.

Anggun asked Melanie's opinion, she answered:
"Well, slightly speechless. Yeah, I may need to ponder on it a little."

Then Angel quickly responded, "Spice Up Your Life!" and made Mel C. laughing. And on Vanness' part, he answered: "I really don't know how to feel right now..."

And then the Miss Tres started singing F4's song, "Can't Lose You" on which Vanness was a former member.

Video by Asian Talents on YouTube

What can you say about The Miss Tres' totally different way of entertainment?
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