The Best 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Parody

Have you watched the popular and controversial British-American sexy romance film, Fifty Shades of Grey? Have you seen some of its parodies, including the one from SNL Korea?

If not, here's the viral video from SNL코리아. They recreated some of the hot scenes from the original movie, but they added their own unique twist of the 50 shades.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

This Korean "Fifty Shades of Grey" parody will overshadow your senses

SNL Korea created their own parody of the film. The video is almost 3 long and created a spoof of the movie's popular scenes. They added some twists and hilarious versions of the 50 shades.

The video became popular and trended on different social networking sites, now considered by the netizens as the best parody of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Every time you move tomorrow, I want you to be reminded that I've been here. Only me. You are mine.

Saturday Night Live Korea is a late-night live television sketch comedy and variety show in South Korea, broadcasted on tvN (Total Variety Network).

What can you say about their epic parody of Fifty Shades of Grey?

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