Jose Manalo Impersonates Willie Revillame on Problem Solving

We all know that Jose Manalo can perfectly mimic Willie Revillame's voice, expressions and body movements. He can also copy the way Willie deliver some sentences.

On this EB Problem Solving episode in Brgy. Ortiz, Naguilian, La Union, the lady addressed Wally as Sir Willie and then corrected herself after. Then bossing shouted, "Bigyan ng jacket yan!"

Video by pinoy tibi on YouTube

The Problem

Jose singing Ikaw na Nga
Jose singing Ikaw na Nga

The lady has been staying in Naguilian for almost 15 years. She just wanted to be seen on national television so that her mother can know that she's doing well with her children. She wanted to travel to home to Compostela Valley because she doesn't have enough budget to bring her 5 children with her.

After her announcement, Jose offered to sing a song for her. A song by Willie Revillame, entitled "Ikaw Na Nga."

While singing, Jose impersonates Willie's voice, movements and popular expressions. Causing the audience and the other hosts to laugh and commend Jose's funny antics.

What can you say about Jose's epic impression of Willie Revillame?
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