A Great White Shark Attacks Another Shark

Have you seen any shark movies that portray their aggressiveness and powerful jaws? Even just watching those movies can make us afraid of sharks. What if we witness their amazing strength in person?

On this video, it's Shark versus Shark! A giant Great White Shark attacks a smaller Great White Shark.

Who's the strongest of them all?
Who's the strongest of them all?

Scroll down for video.

Battle of the Jaws

Caught on camera, a rare kind of shark attack! The world's most fearsome predator attacks another of its kind. Now who will win the fight?

Whether on movies or in real life, the Great White Shark has been responsible of the most shark attacks on humans.

Their only known natural predators are the toothed whales which belongs to the oceanic dolphin family, the Killer Whales or Orcas.

What can you say about this footage of a rare shark attack?

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