This Man can impersonate 21 different English accents

Every nation has a different style of pronouncing the English Language. Have you tried copying the impressions of every country on the English Accent?

Even the Filipinos have different English Accents in every region. According to this video from Clyde Wylde, there's the Manila Sterotype, Balikbayan and Elite English Accents.

 A screenshot from the video.
Clyde Wylde doing an interpretation of diffrenet English Accents.

Here are the 21 English Accents by Language Crazy Guy:

  1. American (Californian)
  2. American (Ebonic)
  3. American (Texan)
  4. British (Posh)
  5. British (Cockney)
  6. Australian
  7. Scottish
  8. New Zealand (Kiwi)
  9. Italian
  10. French 
  11. Mexican
  12. Arabic
  13. Russian
  14. African
  15. Indian
  16. Korean
  17. Chinese
  18. Japanese
  19. Filipino (Manila Stereotype)
  20. Filipino (Balikbayan)
  21. Filipino (Elite)

What can you say about his talent in doing other nationality's impressions on the English Accent?

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