Deep sea Fish swallows food bigger than its body

Have you tried eating food more than your body weight? This fish can eat other marine animals bigger than its body size.

This deep sea creature is called the Black swallower (Chiasmodon niger), a fish in the family Chiasmodontidae. Popular by its ability to engulf fishes larger than itself.

A screenshot of the 'Great Swallower' from the video.
Photo from Pinterest

The Black Swallower is a small fish about 10 inches. It has no scales and a big mouth for swallowing its prey. It loves bony fishes and can swallow twice its length and ten times its mass.

Food is hard to find on the deep sea so they need to target bigger fishes to eat. Sometimes, they swallow fishes that's too large and unable to digest them before the food starts to decompose. If that happens, the food will develop gases and will make the swallower float to surface of the sea and die.

A screenshot of the 'Great Swallower' from the video.
A screenshot of the "Great Swallower" from the video.

What can you say about this creepy ability of the Great Swallower?

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