The Winner chose to open the last box first and got surprised.

Last February 3, 2015, Joey de Leon and Ruby Rodriguez hosted the "Laban O Bawi" segment of Eat Bulaga! This time with a twist.

Joey will ask the Winner to select which of the seven box they will open first and then he will offer 100,000 pesos. He joked that there's a Taxi waiting for him and they need to make it quick on the jackpot round.

 A screenshot from the video.
A screenshot from the video.

Because the winner, Robin chose to open first the last box where the possible result would be one peso or zero, Joey asked him if he's sure with his decision because he might get the number one at the last box.

Then Robin said it's fine with him because he's happy that he won the contest and met all the Dabarkads on the studio. He proudly said that he found a PISO before going to the studio and he's confident that he will win the jackpot prize of P1,000,000.

Joey continued with opening of the 7th box, where the PISO or ZERO would appear, he asked again Robin: "Laban O Bawi?"

Robin is in fighting mode and he said "Laban!"

Then when Joey opened the 7th box, everyone got surprised that the number 1 is on the last box and Robin won only one peso.

The last box has the number "1" inside.
The last box has the number "1" inside.

Joey asked everyone to congratulate Robin because of his courage and fighting spirit.

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