Gov. Salceda blasts Xian Lim on Facebook

Governor Joey Salceda's post on Facebook regarding Xian Lim's alleged refusal of promoting Albay is a very hot and trending topic in Social Media.

Gov. Salceda posted yesterday, February 19, 2015, his thoughts about Xian's actions.
Gov. Joey Salceda and Xian Lim
Gov. Joey Salceda and Xian Lim

Facebook Posts of Gov. Salceda

Here's the post that spawned many comments, likes and shares. Most of the comments are negative and bashing the actor.

And today, February 20, 2015, there are new posts from the Governor including this one.

"Hurt never. Help ever. Love forever. Thats our guidance- CONSTANT KINDNESS. Kaso, di ako makamoveon sa 'I did not come here to promote Albay' issue kasi sa EDSA ako dumaan."
~ Joey Sarte Salceda, on Facebook

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Xian Lim's Response

After the post trended, Xiam posted on Twitter his response to the Governor's Facebook posts.

He clarified that one he refused to do is not to wear the t-shirt because it may have a conflict with his clothing endorsements.

What can you say about this issue?

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