Contestant's Angry Mom Knows Best (Eat Bulaga)

Laban O Bawi, a game segment of Eat Bualaga!, the contestant who will play on the jackpot round will select one of the 7 boxes. And that selected box will be placed on the first slot, which can be 0 or 1. The player have the chance to win, P1,000,000.

On this episode, the Mom of the Contestant is telling his son to decide on his own, but at the same time she's making the "Bawi" gesture.

The contestant's Mom is on 'Bawi' mode from the beginning.
The contestant's Mom is on 'Bawi' mode from the beginning.

Watch the funny video below.

Mothers knows best

On the middle of the game, Benjie asked his relatives on what decision to make. When the camera focused on her Mom, she looks stressed and trying to lecture his son from her seat.

Then Paolo, Marian and Wally appeared on the screen and laughed because they know that the mother is getting angry and forcing his son to "Bawi".

If you can do lip reading, you can already tell what the mother wants and saying to his son.
"Ayaw mo pa? Kung ayaw mo bumawi, umuwi ka na!"
According to Wally's lip reading

Bossing Vic joked that the staff should not give a mic to the Mother because she might say something offensive on live television.

Benjie's Mom is telling him that the box contains a "Zero" and he should accept Bossing's P70,000 offer. And when Vic opened the box, Aling Cely's instinct proved that a mother's instinct is always the best.

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